Thursday, January 17, 2013

Time with God

As I am sitting here, ready to do my devotions, even taking time to pray and ask God to help me learn something from today's Bible reading, the Cheer's theme song is ringing in my head. Why can't I focus? Why do I do one-hundred million things before I sit down and spend time with God? Why have all of the sudden, taking the Christmas wreath off the wall and putting all my guitar pics neatly in their case become things that must be done. It's certainly not because I am a type A, neat freak. Ask my husband, I'm a slob.

I attribute this to one of three things: 1) I am highly distractible and in need of a dose of Ativan 2) Lack of spiritual discipline 3) Satan.

I would like to think there is nothing I can do about this and choose either option one or three. However, I am probably stuck with option two and will just need to learn to park by butt on the couch and spend some time with God!

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