Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Ice on the Lake!

Skating on the Lake

A friend and I enjoyed the afternoon skating on a newly iced-over lake. The water was open in the middle of the lake just a couple weeks ago, but with some cold temps over the last several days, we are finally able to walk out onto the lake. Several people are out ice fishing and just wandering around.

The interesting thing about how the lake froze this year, was the way it froze. For the last couple weeks, we had ice around the edge and open water in the middle of the lake. When the entire lake froze, it froze over the old ice and made new ice. The picture above shows where the edge of the ice met the open water. Now there is about 8" of ice . . old and new.

When you get to the edge of the old ice, it appears as an abyss. Nothing but black under the clear ice. Quite unnerving as your skating onto it. My friend was just ready to skate over the former icebergs onto the newly formed ice.
It's pretty amazing that we didn't have any snow cover on the lake and were able to see the ice formation this year!

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