Saturday, August 18, 2012

Thoughts on Lady Gaga and the Elusive Gray Fox

My best friend, we’ll call her Lady Gaga, wanted to make sure I put something about her on here. My friend’s pretty awesome despite her occasional drunken binges and yelling out obscenities at sixth grade band concerts. She’s alright though. You’ll probably hear more about Lady Gaga in upcoming blogs because we do have a lot of adventures together in our neighboring towns.

Once we took a ferry to Mackinac Island to hunt the Island Gray Fox . . . we’re big into hunting. We found a spot for a campsite, set up camp, unloaded our guns and ammo and waited silently for a sighting or noise from our prey. We camped on the island for 3 days and 3 nights, still not spotting or hearing sounds of the elusive gray fox. I told Lady Gaga to stop farting at night and eliminating any potential encounter with our prey. She didn’t listen.

When morning came of day four, I took notice of the island guide that the man on the ferry handed us while boarding. In bold print it stated “NO HUNTING THE ISLAND GRAY FOX.”  Apparently the fox had been the latest addition to the endangered species list. I told this to Lady Gaga and she went nuts. I told her she better settle down. Well apparently, her wild ranting drew the attention of a nearby farmer . . Ted was his name.

Within minutes the sheriff came and cuffed Lady Gaga while she yelled,“I’ll get you Island Gray Fox.” She doesn’t take setbacks well.

This was my first brush with the law thanks to Lady G. I had to go home and tell her kids, “Mommy will be gone for awhile but auntie Traci and daddy will be here for you.”  They cried, but understood that sometimes this happens with mom.

That is just one story about Lady Gaga. Her and I are nothing alike, but her frequent outbursts and occasional streaking at sporting events keep me entertained and thankful that I'm not like that.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Why is this dog so crazy?

I'm pretty sure Butters is bipolar. He has a rant and wants to bite peoples' faces off, in a friendly way of course, . . then within minutes is on the bed sleeping for the afternoon. Won't even wake up as we are repositioning him for yet another picture I'm sure he'll be embarrassed about when he is older. Then we check on him an hour later and is still in that same embarrassing position.