Thursday, February 21, 2013

Traveling through the Mountains of the South

We enjoyed our time traveling down to Florida. We made an overnight stop in Franklin, Tennessee, just outside of Nashville. The drive wasn't bad at all. No storms like the midwest had. We traveled through some backroads just to get a glimpse of backwoods Alabama and Tennessee. It wasn't really bad, not as Cajun as I thought it would be . . other than the sights we saw at small convenience stores we stopped at for gas and a couple other places along the way.

The gas stations were a little different than the ones here in Minnesota in that there was an abundance of liquor and tobacco products readily available for the "traveler on the go." If one needs a quick shot of vodka with juice and doesn't want to take the time to mix their drink while driving, they are in luck in Alabama! Buckets full of tiny mixed drinks were available for purchase while checking out at the counter. And if a case of beer is just too bulky to travel with, grab a single extra large can of beer made for convienence. There were also a number of other unusual attractions while passing through Alabama and Tennessee.

We saw about 28 "gentleman's clubs" along the side of the road. I am not sure how many gentleman would be found somewhere like the Boobie Bungalow spying through a peephole at a some lady dancing with a pole. Maybe I'm wrong. Thank goodness there was a good strip club to church ratio.

We were nearing the coast and the vehicle started to smell. We thought maybe it was Ashton's shoes, but it wasn't. That only left Gracie and Luke. Everyone claimed there was no gas being emitted from their person. Gracie has a history of smelly foot problems, but she was ruled out. Mark thought maybe someone needed to check their pants. I opened another window as a long conversation ensued about whether or not one can tell if they did indeed have an accident in their pants. I stated, "Oh my gosh . . it smells worse when I open more windows!" So we looked around and discovered that we had been driving alongside a river (polluted one? idk) for the last several miles and quickly shut all the windows and pushed the "recycle air button" on the dashboard. The smell went away and it just went back to smelling like corn nuts. Sorry for all the accusations kids.

Overall, it was a good ride down with no misfortune ..  other than not seeing a gator or Squatch in the woods alongside the road. We'll have to wait 'till we return to Pine County to have an actual Sasquatch sighting!

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