Sunday, September 9, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

Every year our lake association hires fighter planes to fly over the lake on Labor Day weekend. I think it's  pretty cool. But I forgot they were going to be here. I heard the engines on the first swoop over our house then called for everyone to go down to the lake to enjoy the show.

No one was in too big of a hurry to get off the couch or put whatever electonic device they were captivated by down to go see the planes over the lake. So the calling turned to yelling. Mark was the first to get up (I think he was just tired of listening to me because he never moves that quickly when I ask him to do something). I spent a good five minutes yelling and searching for my daughter to go outside, only to realize she was already out on the dock. Then the greatest hurdle of all was pulling away my youngest son from whatever highly entertaining activity he was engaged in . . and had most likely spent all summer doing.

After much more yelling, then coercing, then back to yelling again . . mixed in with some threatening, he finally came out of the house. His first words were, "Planes are stupid. This is dumb. Why do I have to be out here? I don't want to come out here." So what was supposed to be 15 minutes of good family fun enjoying the WWII vets and their display of aviation mastery, turned into a debacle of disgruntled family members. Better planning on my part needed next year . . Or I'll just enjoy the show by myself. Kudos to the fighter jet pilots, though. Great show .. the minute and a half I got to see anyway.

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