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God Removed from our Schools: Mike Huckabee Interview

God Removed from our Schools

The words, "God has been systematically removed from our schools" from Mike Huckabee couldn't ring more true with what I have seen in our society ..  especially within our local communities.

I have been a public school teacher for the last 4 years, but am a Christian first. I began to see the decline in the "systematic removal" of God when we first sent our kids to school. It began in kindergarten when our oldest, who is now 17 years old, started school. He went to a Christian preschool before attending public school kindergarten.

In the beginning, from what I saw, I was pleased and saw some evidence of God in the schools. Our son's Christmas programs were still Christmas programs, consisting of songs such as the traditional Christmas hymns we hear on the radio. Sure there were a few "Frosty the Snowman" songs thrown in, which I am fine with. We heard students recite what the true meaning of Christmas was to them . . family, Jesus, presents, snowmen, etc. It was wonderful and heart-warming.

Then the years went on and I noticed within three years or so from when he started school, the Christmas songs were removed from the Christmas programs. Then it wasn't a Christmas program anymore, it was a "Holiday Program." Then it was just a "Winter Program" and there were no songs reflecting the true nature of Christmas.

I asked the music teacher, (who had been there for years . . she was even my music teacher when I went to the same school), why the Christmas songs were gone. She responded by saying that she "didn't want to offend anyone." I thought to myself, 'How about all the Christians you are offending by not having the traditional meaning of Christmas in the program', but didn't say this.

As the kids got older, I substitute taught in the school district that they attended and got to see the various classrooms. I decided that I loved being around the kids and hoped that God could use me as a teacher to impact the kids in a positive way. So I went back to school for my second degree and became a licensed teacher. My first job was a part-time one teaching 7th grade English.

I worked in a neighboring school district and got to experience a different climate altogether. This was a climate that was friendly towards the things of God. Where liberal ideals were not embraced as they were in the district my kids went to. I was refreshed after coming back from this district each day. No school district is perfect, but this was one that was different in what I had experienced and had not thrown out all the things of God. I might add that this school had a completely different climate than the other two; A joyful, functional, not dysfunctional climate like I had experienced in the other school districts.

Later, I received a full-time job working in a different district and I allowed students to use my classroom during lunch to have a student-led Bible study, as have other teachers in the not-so-distant past. The study went on for a couple months and a new superintendent came on staff. He got wind of the Bible study and had it shut down.

This angered me in a way I have never been angered before. I was the one who had to tell the students that they couldn't meet anymore. I had to see the look of utter sadness and disappointment in humanity that came upon the face of the young 8th grade man, who had just prepared a slideshow to show the group. I had to listen to the group say they were going to protest and tell them to respect and obey what the administration had instructed.

It was a sad day and parents were disappointed that their children could no longer meet. The students even went to the superintendent asking him to allow the group to meet again. He refused. The principal, who was unlicensed at the time, went along with his instructions, I suppose knowing she could easily be the next on his hit list if she didn't. She cited 'Separation of Church and State' as his reasoning for shutting down the study. I replied that I didn't think that was the intention of separation of church and state. This was a brave, or stupid, thing to say to an administrator, being a non-tenured teacher.

We later found out that letting the Bible study meet, in my classroom, without my involvement, during the lunch hour, was completely lawful. The Equal Access Act allows a Bible study group to meet as long as there are other groups allowed to meet such as the Native American group, Student Council group and others that met during lunch. What the superintendent did was unlawful and another example of how God has been "systematically removed" from our schools. By the way, the teachers were also instructed by this administration not to address issues in the classroom such as drug abuse and suicide . . "language arts, bell-to-bell" was the directive. No heart or value issues allowed.

Thank you, Mike Huckabee, for calling attention to the current condition of our public schools and for shedding light on the heart of the problem, which is a heart problem.

Here is the link to watch Mr. Huckabee's interview"

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